bley 2.0.0 released

After years of silence, hacking and procrastinating I like to present bley version 2.0.0!

This release contains no changes since the last beta. Please find the changelog since the last real release (0.1.5) below:

  • New tool (bleygraph) for creating graphs
  • Rename bley.conf to bley.conf.example in the tarball
  • Rename README to
  • Disable SPF Best Guess by default
  • Use Semantic Versioning (
  • Support for SQLite
  • Support for Exim
  • Support for Twisted 12, 13 and 14
  • Support for
  • Support for systemd
  • Support for postgrey comptatible whitelist_recipients and whitelist_clients lists
  • Support for configuring the cache age
  • Improve documentation
  • Lots of PEP8 and PyFlakes fixes
  • Add tests
  • Add example logcheck filter rules
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